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Streamline Educational Management & Processes!


Managing an educational institution is a complex and challenging job. As well as providing an effective learning program, you also have to manage budgets, student enrollment, building projects, and additional educational services. Of course, the overall goal of any institution is to improve the quality of education for the students. Intellect can help you do that by reducing the amount of paperwork and streamlining processes; allowing teaching staff to spend more time with their students.
With Intellect, educators can improve processes like grant and provider management, without any coding knowledge. We provide no programming software so you can spend your time and focus on the job at hand. With our easy drag and drop software you can:
  • Keep track of finances, monitor budgets and streamline workflows.
  • Create reports to streamline daily checks and identify conflicts of interest.
  • Obtain compliance with any business process your company requires.
  • Integrate with Intellect’s Smart Mobile Apps to manage and review enrollment forms on the go.
  • Integrate library services to get real-time updates and information.
  • Make faster decisions with our grant management system.

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The Intellect Platform

An award winning platform that offers the industry’s most intuitive solution for connecting apps, people and processes. Turn to Intellect to ensure administrative processes run smoothly, and each educational outcome is a success.

Fast ROI

With Intellect's business friendly and no-programming environment, you can build and deploy Smart Enterprise Apps in no time, allowing you to get to work immediately, streamline processes for your school or college.

Built For Mobile

Educational management is going mobile, so you need a solution built for a modern mobile world. Intellect allows you to build once and deploy everywhere, via our native mobile app with offline capabilities.

Instantaneous Updates

Get up-to-date information for your educational institution via the Cloud. Intellect are the world's leading provider of Cloud-business management, allowing you to access data wherever and whenever you like.

Speed up your processes

  • Customizable Dashboards - Create unlimited apps to monitor enrollment, budgets and exam results
  • Smart Forms - Easily create smart forms to standardize processes throughout your institution
  • Interactive Workflow - Collaborate with staff to get actions assigned and approved in minutes
  • Integrate with other Apps - Incorporate data and statistics from legacy enterprise applications
  • Accessible mobile apps on iOS and Android Devices - staff members can access and submit documents from any mobile device
  • Design Reports that Matter - Build custom reports to make smarter and faster decisions




Increase Productivity

  • Design custom, dynamic reports to gain real-time insights for your school
  • Reduce the need for complex paperwork with our automated processes
  • Track the status of documents, and collaborate directly with employees and teaching staff
  • Approve and submit completed paperwork anytime, on any device