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eApproval: Get approvals quickly and efficiently while tracking the entire approval process


The eApproval app by Intellect is a new way to get approvals done quickly, efficiently, and know exactly where things stand in the process.

eApproval simplifies your approvals, and will make your team more organized and productive.
  1. Create requests for approval on just about anything – to buy a new laptop, attend a conference, approval on a new sales contract, or get a new marketing brochure approved
  2. Save time by being much more efficient than email – don’t lose sight of approval requests in your email. Get automatic reminders to remember what’s important and get it done.
  3. Standardize your approval process and get detailed reports – keep track of approvals you requested and approved, for how much, and what needs your teams attention
The eApproval app is easy-to-use and brings all your approval workflows into one place for your team for FREE as long as you want.

Get Started with eApproval

Faster Approvals

Quickly request approvals, check on status, and automatically send reminders.

Greater Efficiency

With eApproval, you and your teams become highly efficient by knowing what has been requested and what the status is for each request.  You can always find what you need.

Simplify Approvals

Make it easy for your teams to request and approve anything.  With eApproval, users can quickly see what they have requested for approval or what they themselves have approved.

Automatically Send Reminders

Unlike your email system, eApproval knows if a request has been approved, rejected or completely ignored.  eApproval will automatically send appropriate reminders based on the status of your request.
eApproval App for Process & Workflow Tracking

Why Use eApproval Now?

  • Organize your team approvals - Keep track of approvals you requested and approved
  • Faster approvals - Quickly request approvals, check on their status, and automatically send reminders
  • Access files, images, PDF documents and spreadsheets related to any approval at any time.
  • Reports for better insights and keep track of approvals you or anyone on your team has requested and approved. Find what you need, when you need it.
  • Much more efficient than email Don't lose sight of approval requests in your email, know what's important and just get it done. 



Easily Upgrade!

Our paid plans include:

  • More features
  • Additional approval controls
  • Software Integrations
  • Improved customization