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Tracking Meeting Action Items

By Romeo Elias on Sun, Dec 04, 2005 @ 09:10 PM

Like many companies, we have meetings and assign action items. Traditionally, one of the meeting attendees took notes and emailed them after the meeting to all participants. We however struggled with ensuring the action items were completed as assigned. The email summary of the meeting, which also contained the action items assignments, were usually ignored and no one really followed up on the tasks.

To improve the process, we recently implemented a meeting management system in Intellect that enabled us to not only capture the meeting notes in the database, but also to immediately assign an action item to a participant. This resulted in the person being notified and the task assigned to them.

In the follow up meetings, all tasks that were assigned were easily reviewed and accounted for. Once we implemented this meeting management process, we cut down on our meetings and increased considerably our productivity and effectiveness.

Follow up and accountability is key to running successful meetings and for projects to succeed.
Romeo Elias

Written by Romeo Elias

Romeo Elias is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intellect, an award winning leader in the SaaS enterprise software industry with a focus on enterprise Quality Management Software and Business Process Management (BPM). Romeo is a visionary executive, thought leader and advocate for business friendly software that requires No Programming and empowers everyone to innovate. Romeo has overseen Intellect's growth from its founding in 2000 to a high growth software company with hundreds of happy customers. Romeo is a patented inventor, entrepreneur advisor, and board member of Intellect. Prior to Intellect, Romeo worked in the consumer electronics space, overseeing the engineering design and development of handheld electronics, and previously was the founder of a web development firm. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and MS in Manufacturing Engineering from UCLA.