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The Employee Setup application is a modern enterprise app that makes it easy to onboard new employees by automating onboarding beyond HR.  As a compliment to your core HRIS system (ADP, Workday, Oracle, HCM/PeopleSoft, etc.), the app is designed to automate and streamline the process of setting up a new employee upon agreement of employment, with established work item requirements, while reducing the time-to-productivity. The purpose of the application is to automate the manual checklist/tasks managers use when a new hire comes on board, ensuring nothing gets overlooked or delayed, in turn, increasing the level of productivity and employee retention.

The app will provide the ability to clearly align new hires with key business strategies, while standardizing and individualizing new hire elements. The Employee Setup App is ideal for organizations with a high volume of new hires annually, or with high turnover, and enables high efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

The Employee Setup app is a pre-configured; ‘out of the box’ solution built on the Intellect Platform, and offers customization and integration functionalities. The Intellect BPM Platform empowers everyone to innovate by giving people the ability to build and deploy a wide variety of enterprise business apps rapidly, without the need for programming from design to launch. With Intellect’s agile development methodology, users are enabled to easily create web-based enterprise apps with smart forms, integrated enterprise data, automated workflow, advanced reporting capabilities, and the ability to go mobile in just minutes.



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What Attendees will learn:

  • How to automate over 30 manual tasks with the Employee Setup App before your new hires first day of work.
  • How the Employee Setup App will lead to increased employee productivity and lower turnover, saving your company both time and money
  • How to customize the Employee Setup App to directly align and integrate with your HR, HRIS, and hiring processes
  • Integration with DocuSign when there’s a need for eSignatures

Who should attend:

  • HR Executives/VPs/Directors/Managers
  • CIOs and IT Executives
  • Departmental Heads
  • Companies with High Turnover


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SMBs Welcome Smart IT Solutions

Posted by Romeo Elias on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 02:23 PM

According to a recent Gartner report the SMB market keeps expanding resulting in new opportunities for innovative IT solutions.  “SMB will spend approximately $920 billion worldwide on IT in 2013. Out of those 920 billion…The SMB market represents 44% of the total IT spend worldwide”, Gartner reports. This comes as no surprise since SMBs have become a big part of our worldwide market. According to statistics there are 6 Million SMBs in the U.S. and a total of 65-70 Million SMBs worldwide.  

SMBs find themselves continuously competing against larger businesses and as a result they need to be innovative on how they handle their IT needs to keep up with larger competitors. As a result, popular IT solutions have emerged that have adapted their technology to develop comprehensive solutions for business analysts and SMB business owners, reducing the need for programming,  years of experience, extensive training as well as long and costly implementations.  


According to Gartner, IT solutions for SMBs should:

  1. Be affordable with outstanding support
  2. Be easy to install, configure and manage
  3. Demonstrate fast ROI (Return on Investment)
  4. Provide flexibility in deployment options
  5. Provide entry level functionality that can be easily scalable
  6. Not require too long to achieve benefits
  7. Be delivered by providers that are “easy to do business with”

Gartner predicts that by 2015, the SMB market is projected to cross the trillion dollar mark in IT spending. While this change takes place the flexibility of IT services on the cloud for SMBs will also become more popular.  

“By 2015, 70% of midmarket businesses with 100-999 employees and 40% of small
businesses with 20-99 employees will acquire paid public cloud services.” This change has already begun. In fact, Gartner estimates that in 2013, the percentage of SMBs moving their system to the cloud will jump by 20% over 2012.  
Additionally, a new need is emerging with the popularity of tablet computing among SMBs: mobile connectivity from any location. Mobile connectivity to business applications will keep growing among SMBs. In fact Gartner projects that by 2015 the growth of tablet computing among SMBs will outpace that of larger enterprises.    




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Discover the Benefits of Interneer’s Training Webinars

Posted by Romeo Elias on Mon, Dec 03, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

Interneer offers free training webinars run by Erika Keresztyen Fahey who is a Senior Business Process Analyst and Training Manager at Interneer. Every 2-3 months, a series of 7 classes is taught. The classes are offered to new and existing clients and partners.

Interneer’s online Training webinars provide attendees the knowledge and confidence needed to start a new application configuration or modify an existing one. Also, the sessions help our customers and partners understand the big picture of our platform instead of focusing on the technical details of the Intellect Platform.

The webinars are designed so that the trainees can attend several training courses in a short period of time without having to leave the office. The Interneer Training Courses are divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Special Topic.



Beginner Level: The instructor begins with a blank slate and creates a small application. The intention behind these sessions is to get attendees familiarized with the platform and the goal is for attendees to learn where and how to start creating an application in Intellect. The instructor also provides different examples to help attendees think about how to implement a specific BPM solution for their business. 

Intermediate Level: During these sessions, the instructor introduces attendees to the workflow engine in more detail. Participants learn how fast, easy and scalable it is to create and modify a permit application management system, by dragging and dropping the data fields they want in their application.

Special Topic:  In one of the topics, the instructor teaches participants to add visual enhancements to their applications. They learn to add colors, images, header titles, and instructions. Another special topic covered is Admin Functions, where attendees learn about different admin functionalities such as how to take a backup of the database and restore previous backups.


How do attendees sign up?

Signing up for our upcoming Interneer Online Training Classes is fast and easy. Go to http://training.interneer.com/ to find out more details on when the next series of classes begin and to sign up. After you decide when and what class you want to attend, sign up for the class. Once approved, the attendee receives a unique GotoWebinar URL to use to login to their selected online course.


What materials are provided to attendees?

  • PDF Training manual document for the class they will be attending

  • URL to the Interneer Download page: http://download.interneer.com

  • Option to download previous recorded webinars and platform User Guides


Can attendees ask questions during the training?

Attendees are encouraged to participate and ask questions during the training session. To participate they need to write their questions in the Question Panel of the GotoWebinar tool. When a new question is entered it is read out loud by the instructor, so others can hear the question and the instructor answers it verbally. At the end of the session, all attendees are given time to have an open discussion on the material they just learned.


Are the Training Webinars recorded?

Yes, attendees can download for free at any time previously recorded training webinars by visiting http://download.interneer.com along with other documentation and training videos.


How much do the Training Webinars cost?

Interneer’s Training Webinars are completely free to everyone.  We encourage all our customers to sign up or download previous webinars as often as they need to help them learn the platform and best practices.

If you have any further questions regarding our Interneer Training Webinars please contact Erika Keresztyen Fahey at efahey@interneer.com.



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Interneer 1st Annual Partner Conference: Northgate Markets Presentation

Posted by Romeo Elias on Tue, Oct 02, 2012 @ 01:07 PM

Northgate Case Study

Harrison Lewis, CIO of Northgate Markets, talked about his experiences implementing Interneer Intellect at his organization, the successes, lessons, best practices, and issues encountered.

Northgate Markets was founded in 1980 and is widely known for its 36 retail fresh Mexican grocery stores. Harrison joined the company in October 2011 as CIO where he faced an internal process problem that had been plaguing them for over six years and was not resolved after many prior attempts. 

Northgate’s problem related to the tracking of credit shortages and product return requests to buyers. The manual process provided no visibility into a request’s status, no way to see if the request was approved or denied and they were not able to track whether the credit was issued when approved.  The result was a great amount of time spent in trying to solve an internal conflict between the stores, buyers, merchandisers, and distribution centers.

In his presentation, Harrison explained how the problem could not wait another year. He began looking for a solution that would address all their internal conflicts. Working with Interneer’s professional services, the company deployed a Store Credit Workflow solution powered by the Interneer Intellect platform. The Intellect Platform allowed store personnel to create requests for damaged products, out of date products, over and under shipments and return requests.

During his presentation, Harrison shared how Interneer helped bring transparency into the entire process, launching the process in just a few weeks across 33 stores, enabling everyone to see status of the requests, and gaining business intelligence on various products.

Harrison closed his presentation by talking about future plans with the platform and shared his thoughts on why the project was successful.  Interneer focused on delivering a solution that worked and helped his team through the entire process, from gathering the requirements to implementing and launching the process. 

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation for this session.

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Gartner BPM Conference 2012

Posted by Romeo Elias on Tue, May 01, 2012 @ 05:11 PM

I just returned from the annual Gartner conference in Baltimore, MD this year. Here are a number of take aways from the event:

  1. The turn out was good.  I noticed the place was buzzing with companies who were interested in BPMS or learning about BPM best practices.  It's a good sign that the economy is healthy.
  2. There seemed to be less vendors this year than usual and that may be due to the fact that more consolidation has occurred in this field at the enterprise solutions level. 
  3. The impression I got was that BPM is now fairly mainstream in the enterprise market, with established IT Services and Content Management companies dominating after their acquisitions.
  4. The message from Gartner was still that BPM was for the enterprise and a major undertaking that requires companies to transform themselves and invest considerable Dollars if they choose to embark in a BPM initiative.

We don't agree with Gartner's position on this.  Our target market and customers in the Mid Market and SMB space have been benefiting from our BPM solution for years at a fraction of the cost and resource investment the traditional enteprise players require. 

I did also observe some interesting facts and trends after speaking to a number of vendors and analysts:

  1. The opportunity for BPM is now moving downstream in the marketplace to Mid Market and SMB companies as the enterprise space has been saturated with the big IT services companies.  Most of the established players however can't move downstreams given their business models and technology stacks.
  2. There have been a number of proven metrics and ROI measures from successful BPMS implementations: On average, companies are seeing double digit ROI, with more than 50% of projects completed within 4 months. In addition, companies are increasing customer retention and gaining competitive advantages through BPMS implementations.
  3. As I suspected, Social BPM is non-existent yet and is in its infancy. There is no real world application or what benefits it can provide in practice.  It is primarily marketing hype at this point, however will likely change in the next couple of years.

Overall it was a good conference and it validated further our target and positioning in the Mid Market.  It will be interesting to see the development of this market in the next few years.  

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