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3 min read

Intellect: Celebrating 20 Years in Business

This year marks Intellect’s 20th year in business. We have come a long way since our early days as a small three-person...

3 min read

3 Strategies That will Reduce the Fear of Workflow Automation

In my previous post, “Workflow Automation Can Be Scary!”, I outlined how workflow automation can be scary to many...

2 min read


The Employee Setup application is a modern enterprise app that makes it easy to onboard new employees by automating...

2 min read

An Intern's Experience with Intellect

I joined Interneer as a summer Sales Development intern on May 21st. A local college student at USC, I was to be...

2 min read

SMBs Welcome Smart IT Solutions

According to a recent Gartner report the SMB market keeps expanding resulting in new opportunities for innovative IT...

2 min read

Filling the HR Gap

HR solutions come in many flavors and with lots of features. Some provide the basics for tracking employee life cycles,...

1 min read

Mid Market company IT pressures

A recent conversation with analysts from Info Tech Research Group revealed some interesting insights about the...

1 min read

Sharepoint and BPM

I'm often asked how is Sharepoint different than a BPM Platform?  If a company already is invested in it, can they use...

1 min read


Are you looking to learn about BPM or freshen up on how to use the platform? Or maybe you want to build your knowledge...