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3 min read

3 Strategies That will Reduce the Fear of Workflow Automation

In my previous post, “Workflow Automation Can Be Scary!”, I outlined how workflow automation can be scary to many...

2 min read

SMBs Welcome Smart IT Solutions

According to a recent Gartner report the SMB market keeps expanding resulting in new opportunities for innovative IT...

1 min read

Interneer 1st Annual Partner Conference: Development Presentation

Interneer Development Presentation

David Mines, Chief Architect, and Selim Ozyel, Software Manager, provided an...

2 min read

Filling the HR Gap

HR solutions come in many flavors and with lots of features. Some provide the basics for tracking employee life cycles,...

1 min read

Sharepoint and BPM

I'm often asked how is Sharepoint different than a BPM Platform?  If a company already is invested in it, can they use...

1 min read


Are you looking to learn about BPM or freshen up on how to use the platform? Or maybe you want to build your knowledge...

What are Professional Services?

Now that you have a Business Process Management software solution in your hands, some of you may be asking yourselves...

1 min read

Differentiating BPM Suites

There are various BPM Suites available on the market today. One interesting differentiating factor among them is their...