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    3 min read

    Intellect Receives Majority Investment from Strattam Capital

    Leading Provider of No-Code Compliance Management Software Expands to Meet Growing Customer Demand

    Los Angeles, CA,...

    2 min read

    Digitize QMS With No Code Software

    Since the dawn of the industrial age, companies of all sizes have struggled to have a quality management system and...

    4 min read

    How to Set SMART Goals and Objectives in Quality Management Systems?

    Goals and objectives setting is crucial for organizations. Improvements in companies wouldn’t be possible if these...

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    3 min read

    Ensuring Quality and Operational Excellence in Labs

    In the clinical laboratory, the term “Quality” refers to the standard of one lab’s results compared to others....

    6 min read

    Intellect | Blog |  Culture of Quality with ISO Standards

    ISO 9001 is perhaps the most recognizable “brand” among the published standards defined by the International...

    4 min read

    Intellect | Blog | Quality Management Standards Everyone Needs to Know

    In virtually any undertaking, it helps to begin with a formula for success. If you’re opening a McDonald’s restaurant,...

    4 min read

    Intellect | Blog | Myths about Quality Management Systems

    A good quality management system (QMS) provides a valuable framework around which your organization can build...

    5 min read

    The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Quality Management

    Even though quality management is a well-established body of practice, it often still feels like it’s more art than...

    3 min read

    Intellect | Blog | Signs of Weak Culture of Quality

    A culture of quality is one in which everybody in the organization, not just the quality controllers, is responsible...

    3 min read

    6 Ways to Create a Safety Culture in your Organization

    Safety Culture is not built through having a couple of signs in your workplace warning workers about loud noises. It is...

    4 min read

    Why Industry 4.0 Needs Quality 4.0 for EU MDR?

    “Don´t hesitate, innovate!""Regulation: Don´t hesitate, innovate!" was the slogan at this year’s MedtecSUMMIT in...

    3 min read

    4 Steps to Achieve Workflow Compliance


    All companies, regardless of industry, are responsible for ensuring that their policies and processes are...

    5 min read

    Intellect | Blog | Culture of Continuous Learning

    In 1993, Peter Senge popularized the concept of a “learning organization” in his bestselling book, The Fifth Discipline...

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