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    5 min read

    Intellect Announces Record Growth & New Product Suite

    Intellect Announces Record Growth on the Back of New EH&S Product Suite Launch and Next-Generation Enhancements to its...

    3 min read

    The Best No-Code Platforms of 2021 That Serve Different Purposes

    No-code tools empower people around the world to build technology faster, easier, and cheaper without code.

    There are...

    4 min read

    The Best 6 Document Control Software in the Market and the Essential Features

    Document control software is essential for managing businesses documents in a way to be compliant with government and...

    Most Recent Posts

    6 min read

    5 Key Lessons on Risk Management Learned from the Coronavirus

    The coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible impact across the globe, causing disruptions not only to the healthcare...

    5 min read

    Fundamental Elements of a Quality Management System

    Like so many endeavors, quality management initiatives require that a fundamental set of building blocks be in place in...

    5 min read

    Quality for ERP

    A new generation of cloud ERP software is bringing the benefits of on-demand financials, inventory, logistics, and...

    8 min read

    Complaint Management:  Customer  Retention or Customer  Churn?

    “The customer is always right”, this famous saying by Harry Gordon Selfridge sums up the importance of customer success 

    5 min read

    Customer Service Oriented & Very Responsive: Intellect as Perceived by Customers

     "What I like the most about Intellect is their customer service skills. From the get go, they have been very approach...

    7 min read

    Top 7 Benefits of Intellect’s Document Control Software that Made Digital.com List it as One of The Best in the Market

    Success is the result of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. We have been in the market for 20 years now, we passed

    7 min read

    The Value of Reporting & Transparency

    We all know that quality is important, but quality initiatives sometimes carry less weight for others in your...

    7 min read

    Creating Total Transparency and Accountability in the Workplace

    Businesses that actively cultivate a spirit of transparency and accountability stand far better chance of attracting...

    6 min read

    The 5 Most Common Problems with Your CAPA Process

    A well-defined corrective and preventive action (CAPA) process is intended to identify problems, understand root...