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Intellect Innovate 2020: A Recap

By Peter Hargittay on Thu, Dec 03, 2020 @ 05:12 PM

On November 9th and 10th, the Intellect team was joined by an audience of quality management professionals from around the world for a virtual edition of our annual Innovate conference. Themes for Innovate 2020 centered around extreme configurability, mobility, and connectivity – three of the core strengths that differentiate Intellect QMS and the Intellect Compliance Platform. 

Innovate 2020 comprised of 14 concise and informative education sessions delivered over two days. Sessions were presented by company executives, Intellect customers and partners, and independent quality management experts. The conference also offered online networking opportunities; giving customers, partners, and company insiders an opportunity to interact and learn from one another. 

The conference kicked off with a short welcome presentation, followed by an overview of new features and innovations now available from Intellect.0. Highlights of the upcoming release include comprehensive audit trails, e-signature capabilities, expanded administrative functions, user interface enhancements, and customization capabilities for Intellect mobile apps. In addition, Intellect has announced integration with Oracle NetSuite ERP, and integration capabilities with other systems. 

Building a Culture of Quality 

Several presentations highlighted the importance of building and maintaining a culture of quality. In “The Art of Agility,” Dr. Trevor Lorman, Senior Director of Quality Assurance at Mérieux NutriSciences, emphasized that “everyone owns quality”, including (and especially) the employees who execute on day-to-day frontline operations. Quality management, he said, is about driving that quality-focused mindset throughout the organization. 

In “How to Build a Culture of Quality”, Tech Data executives Mike English, Senior Director of Quality Operations, and Marcus Wheeler, Senior Manager of Training & Development, discussed ways to make quality management more accessible to everyone throughout an organization. They emphasize the need to get beyond the jargon, acronyms, and ISO standards to communicate the need for quality management in a more engaging way. 

Mike compared quality management to personal fitness, stressing that is important to have a clear plan in place, and to make that plan an integral part of one’s day-to-day life. If you don’t have a good fitness plan in place, he explained, you might end up scrambling to get in shape just before vacation time. Likewise, without good day-to-day quality management practices, businesses may find themselves scrambling to get things in order during the final days and weeks leading up to an audit. A proactive approach that embraces quality management, in contrast, continually adds value to the business. 

Extreme Configurability 

Not surprisingly, a number of sessions highlighted the ease of adapting Intellect’s QMS products to the unique needs of each customer, without requiring specialized skills. 

Brad Serum, Art Director and Senior Designer of UI/UX, provided a series of helpful hints for good user-interface design, offering insights to help users create forms and workflows that can be understood quickly and intuitively.  Intellect Solutions Engineer Amber Coye showed how easy it is to design workflows using Intellect’s mobile apps, replacing unwieldy paper-based systems with automated, streamlined workflows.  

In “Make Your Operations Paperless, Errorless, and Transparent with Modern QMS”, Kristen Orlando, Director of Quality Control at BP Aero, describes how easy it has been to configure QMS 4.0 to meet the needs of her company. “I don’t have a computer background at all,” she said, before going on to describe four processes that she has implemented in the first month of using the product, without assistance from IT experts or application specialists. Orlando has single-handedly rolled out a new complaint form, quality reporting, a license and certification process for aircraft engines, and a system for managing training and recertification for employees. 

The Road Ahead 

Intellect executives also discussed the company’s roadmap for both the QMS product and the Intellect no-code platform. Highlights include continued improvements to the user interface, mobile enhancements, increased search capabilities, and reporting improvements. 

The company is also exploring deeper integration with ERP and the addition of several new mobile apps, as well as stronger integration with PLM and SPC systems, which could enable QMS users to streamline and automate more of their processes. 

Intellect Awards: Recognizing Excellence 

As Innovate 2020 came to a close, company executives recognized their most innovative customers and partners with awards.   

Tech Data received Intellect’s Most Innovative Customer Award.  Mike English and Marcus Wheeler have championed the use of QMS and the Platform at Tech Data, rolling out processes for document control, employee training, customer project tracking, and more. The company is currently using three core Intellect apps and six custom-built apps configured with no-coding, and they continue to push the envelope on innovation in quality management, with Intellect products providing a foundation for quality management successes at the company.  

Protiviti received Intellect’s Most Innovative Partner Award. Protiviti is a global consulting firm that helps companies with internal audits, risk and compliance, business processes, data analytics, and more.  Protiviti has worked closely with Intellect and our mutual customers to develop innovative new applications, solve customer problems, and drive adoption of QMS and the Intellect Platform. Protiviti has invested heavily in developing a highly skilled workforce centered around quality management and the Intellect products. 

Innovate 2020 is available on demand.  If you missed the conference, – or if you would like to review any part of it – you can find all the recorded sessions here Intellect Innovate On-Demand. 

Peter Hargittay

Written by Peter Hargittay

Peter Hargittay is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and VP of Corporate Development at Intellect. Peter is responsible for rebranding the company as Intellect from Interneer and for positioning the company for significant growth. Peter joined Intellect in 2013, and is responsible for corporate, product, and online marketing, business development through the Intellect partner channel, demand generation, sales enablement, and go-to-market strategies. Peter has more than 15 years of experience in building successful software and services businesses. Prior to Intellect, Peter served as the VP of Marketing and Sales Operations at Arise Virtual Solutions, and previously held executive marketing roles at Aegis, PeopleSupport, Intersil, and FileNet. Peter received both his BA in Economics and MBA from California State University, Fullerton.