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BPM and BPM Suite Coverage in the Market

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BPM and BPM Suite Coverage in the Market

Posted by Romeo Elias February 25, 2019

On behalf of Guven Kip

Sponsoring the Gartner BPM Summit 2010 in Las Vegas was a great success. It was great to get a pulse from the industry and also eye opening to attend some of the seminars, hear the discussions and review many of the other vendors. One very interesting prediction from Gartner I thought was that BPM is becoming mainstream in 2010. The overall impression that I feel was still being presented is that BPM and process automation was out of reach of many businesses. I spoke with many attendees new to BPM from companies with hundreds of millions in revenue and some even with a billion in revenue, and their impression from the conference was that it was too expensive, resource intensive, and they were not ready for it, even though they had specific problems and projects that were ideal for BPM and automation. I think the analyst firms and coverage of the BPM space are hindering the adoption of BPM, since they cater primarily to the fortune 500 companies, and set expectations that any BPM effort can't be accomplished without millions of dollars of investment to get started and a full organizational change. Also, when it comes to traditional BPM Suite vendors, I can see that many contribute to this concept since their offerings are very complex to implement and typically require an army of IT personnel and a large investment for any effort. I spoke to an IT director from a large company who already had a BPM solution in house but turned down many requests from their business units for automation since the cost was too prohibitive to implement. She said that she needed to hire developers for each automation effort. She was also very frustrated with the fact that she had to say no so often. The good news for us is that Interneer can easily differentiate from these vendors since our offering is geared towards business analysts primarily and to rapid implementation cycles, without programming, and at a fraction of the cost and resource requirements.