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"Yeah, but what IS it?"

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"Yeah, but what IS it?"

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016

On behalf of Andrew Young

I used to get that after my financing presentations. That's one of the first things they teach you in Venture Capital School to take the wind out of an entrepreneur's sails. It is a polite way of saying, You speak jibberish, you have a senseless product, and I've been quietly enduring your blather for the last thirty minutes.

Anyway, after trial and error and a ton of feedback I eventually got the product message right for most people with a little technical background and some business experience.

So here it is. Interneer Intellect is a platform that saves money and increases productivity by enabling business people to define software solutions for their company with no programming.

Specifically it combines a configurable data base and templates, drag-and-drop workflow creation, a business rules-engine (to govern the workflow), wizard driven reporting to easily create charts and graphs that tell you what is happening, powerful access control - essentially all the function needed to create enterprise solutions that change with the needs of your business.

I hope that helps clarify what "It" is. I welcome questions or suggestions.