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On behalf of Matthew Steffen

Interneer Intellect allows the average person, with or without knowledge of computer programming, to easily build fully-functional and extremely useful business applications. This is because Intellect features easy-to-understand visual guides and wizards.

Intellect's Instant Application Framework makes it simple to quickly create dynamic forms, interactive tables, workflow diagrams and collaboration tools such as due date notifications and sign-off requests. As a result, administrative users are empowered to configure the system whenever necessary, even if he or she has no knowledge of computer programming.

It is generally true that typical non-administrative end-users can take advantage of Intellect without any formal training. However, administrative users desiring to configure the system and utilize macros are encouraged to take advantage of Interneer’s online administrative user training courses.

There are three online training courses, conducted by ExecuTrain, the world's leading business education company. The first course, the Beginning Administrative level course, instructs participants on how to make simple configurations in Intellect. Those planning on managing an Interneer Intellect system are required to participate in at least this introductory course, and highly advised to continue with the proceeding courses.

For more information on Interneer, Inc.’s beginning level online training course.
Romeo Elias

Written by Romeo Elias