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Tired of Sending Notification Emails?

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Tired of Sending Notification Emails?

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016

On behalf of Lenin Martinez

Tired of sending notification emails? This can become an annoying task, taking away from productivity in other areas. It should not be your responsibility to send constant emails to remind co-workers that you are waiting on them to complete a task. Nevertheless, it is probably one of the most common tedious tasks you endure on a daily basis. For large groups it becomes even more tedious. Finding all respective email addresses, reviewing previous sent messages, waiting for a reply... there is a better way!

Many companies incorporate project and process management technology to reduce the amount of emails required in a workday. Employees are assigned tasks through automated procedures. If deadlines are approaching they receive a reminder automatically. “I didn’t get the email” is no longer a valid excuse. Interneer Intellect is one system that provides this functionality. In fact, Interneer Intellect captures your entire organization’s processes and procedures, virtually eliminating the need for internal emails. Join Interneer in the revolution to capture and automate your company’s processes.