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Sometimes Less is More

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Sometimes Less is More

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016
2006 started on a very high note for us! We ended last year with record sales and received more validation from the market regarding our technology and approach to project management.

One of the core philosophies that we believe in and that we practice in Executive Project Management is that less is more. Executives don't need nor want every possible feature or capability available in project management.

In fact, if we just analyzed the tools that we use regularly, most business people probably utilize only about 5-10% of their built-in capabilities. Excel and Outlook are great examples. How many of you recently created a pivot table in Excel or even know what that is? How many of you utilize the Journal feature in Outlook?

My point is that many tools today pack all these features that were generated through many software releases, gathered through feedback from many customers across many industries and verticals, and that are hard-coded into the user interface over time. This means every user today is forced to use or have their user interface cluttered with capabilities that he or she may never need or even know what it's for.

Less is more. Our vision for Executive Project Management software is that it is NOT one size fits all customers. Each company can tailor the application to only have that 10% of features that they care about and the way they want them.

This concept could mean that project management for executives may not even include some "standard features" like Gantt chart capability. It may not include critical path analyses or resource management. Alternatively, it may include a lot of document management and notification capabilities. The bottom line is that the goal is not to pack the features, but to enable and empower the business user themselve to specify that, on the fly, easily, intuitively and rapidly.

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