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Is Excel Running Your Business?

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Is Excel Running Your Business?

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016
So many customers come to us with the same problem. They have been using MS Excel for many years to run a process or their projects, however, they have grown in size or the process or project has grown in complexity. The story is the same: they needed to track their projects or process and didn't have the time or budget to put in place anything sophisticated. Their IT department did not exist or was too busy. Excel was the obvious, quickest and easiest answer.

Skip ahead a few months or a year and those same Excel spreadsheets have now become a burden on the company. Typically many versions are being passed around. No one knows who has the most up to date files. The process has evolved and the spreadsheets have become so complex that only one person knows how to update them, or even use them in some cases. They cannot generate reports from all these spreadsheets or track their progress or historical data. The data is not searchable since Excel is not a database. And the list goes on and on with the limitations.

It is very understandable why business users today are turning to Excel more often and using it to run critical processes: most already own a license on their desktop, are familiar with it and can quickly get started with it. They can even bypass IT altogether and maintain the file themselves. This however is only a temporary state, and as I mentioned above, becomes unbearable rather quickly.

With our solution, Interneer Intellect, we provide business users with the same benefits they seek in Excel - ease of use, quick setup, ease of maintenance without IT - and with the full benefits and robustness of a database system, that is collaborative, web-based, multi-user and enterprise level. We even incorporated many other features that make it easier for the business users to manage their documents, projects and process workflows.

Excel is best for what it was designed to do - accounting and financial calculations. So stop running your businesses on Excel and check out Interneer Intellect.