Great Project Management Software

Posted by Romeo Elias on Mon, Aug 14, 2006 @ 05:01 PM

The folks at put together this review of our platform recently. Here are a couple of snippets of their review:

"Using Interneer Intellect was quite refreshing – after all, for a project management system to succeed, it must have a feature that sets it apart, if not above, the competition. With Interneer Intellect, this feature is called workflows."

"Reports were also easy to setup, use and understand. It is clear that they were designed with non-programmers in mind: the setup parameters read like actual sentences. For example, you could set up project status pie charts, only for project that are in a certain budget range, managed by a specific user group. In the report properties window, filters say exactly that: “where budget is greater than…. and lesser than… and approved by…”"

Thanks Web-Based-Software!