Fun Application Develoopment?

Posted by Romeo Elias on Mon, Nov 06, 2006 @ 04:18 PM


On behalf of Andrew Young

The word "fun" and "application development", don't normally appear in the same sentence - or so I thought. The other day I spoke with the department head of a major electric utility. He shared that he would leave for home at 5pm, crack open a beer, and pull up to his computer to do some configuration on his department's Interneer Intellect system. I was tickled. He actually sounded excited about that. Good to hear that its not just me... Our partner from Egal Systems, Craig Merritt's, response was, "yeah, it's fun to control your own software solutions", when I told him. Adapting solutions to our own problems is thrilling, and it will soon become commonplace with user-defined, user-controlled software. However, at the enterprise level IT departments and specialists will remain more vital than ever to define a cohesive strategy and facilitate its execution.