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Defining Executive Project Management

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Defining Executive Project Management

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016
Executives today are overwhelmed with tactical activities which take away from higher-value strategic issues more worthy of their time.

Senior managers waste up to 30% of their time managing projects and tasks delegated to their teams. This has a substantial impact on the profitability, competitiveness, and growth of their firms. Three main problems account for this major dent in their effectiveness:

  • Wasted time tracking tasks, projects, and initiatives – which could be handled and monitored electronically
  • Mired by communications (meetings, phone calls, email) that don’t focus precisely on what they must attend to; and
  • Using desktop applications (Excel, MS Access, Email, MS Project and Visio) to solve group-wide problems;

This blog will focus in part on discussing best practices and tools that will aid executives in dealing with these challenges. We will also cover general topics relating to our business, our customers, our solutions, technology trends, software development and project management in general. We will post ideas and experiences from implementations, collect feedback from executives who are facing these challenges and suggest solutions when available.

We invite executives, project managers, solution providers, consultants and project team members to share, contribute, collaborate and discuss openly their ideas and issues in this forum.