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Email Usage Facts

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Email Usage Facts

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016
Here are some interesting corporate email facts that demonstrate the proliferation of email in today's corporate world:

According to research stats found online, about 541 million workers worldwide rely on email to conduct business. In addition, the use is not moderate, in fact corporate users are sending and receiving an average of 133 messages per day and this number is expected to reach 160 messages by 2009. That's A LOT of email for the average business user!!

According to the Enterprise Storage Group, messaging is the most pervasive technology in use today. Their research shows that more than 70% of business-critical information may be stored in an organization's corporate messaging system. Can you imagine the security issues and the difficulty in accessing this business-critical information?

Another research group, the Radicati Group, found that the average corporate email user sends and receives a total of 84 messages per day. How many of those relate to project status, project data or other project related information?

We recently heard of a top level executive at Disney who was going through over 150 emails every day, spending around 45 minutes of his time daily just to determine the status and details of a specific project. Does that sound familiar?

How much time are you spending on email to get basic information on your projects?