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As promised, here are some more examples of applications we've configured and deployed with our customers using the IAP:

Construction Management System - Deployed for a large construction company, the IAP was used to configure a solution that replaced an off-the-shelf product that was rigid, inflexible and that did not meet the workflow needs as dictated by the organization. The application manages all communications, documents, and workflow related to RFIs (Request for Information in construction speak), proposal management, change requests, submittals etc. The entire application was configured in about 10 weeks and replicated all the processes that were not working in the other system—except with ours, the processes worked. This is amazing, given the fact that the off-the-shelf product it replaced had literally taken years to develop.

Design Process Management System - Configured in collaboration with one of our partners and deployed at energy and utility companies, this application integrates with our partner's design tool, enabling engineering teams to manage the entire design process from beginning to end, step by step, guiding them between engineering tasks, managing schedules and workflow status, and interfacing with legacy systems. One powerful feature here is the ability for our partner to modify the workflow uniquely for each client, very rapidly and easily, to fit their existing business process, and without programming.

Professional Services Management System - Deployed for a large healthcare organization, this suite of applications configured on the IAP manages projects, time, resources, portfolio, documents and schedules. The interesting aspect of this project is that it started out as a need to better track labor time, but once the customer understood the speed and flexibility of the IAP, it quickly expanded to handle a suite of processes that were previously manual and spreadsheet based. In addition, the customer had already in place a project management solution that was being used by IT, but they opted for the IAP since the business group would be able to own it themselves.
Romeo Elias

Written by Romeo Elias

Romeo Elias is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intellect, an award winning leader in the SaaS enterprise software industry with a focus on enterprise Quality Management Software and Business Process Management (BPM). Romeo is a visionary executive, thought leader and advocate for business friendly software that requires No Programming and empowers everyone to innovate. Romeo has overseen Intellect's growth from its founding in 2000 to a high growth software company with hundreds of happy customers. Romeo is a patented inventor, entrepreneur advisor, and board member of Intellect. Prior to Intellect, Romeo worked in the consumer electronics space, overseeing the engineering design and development of handheld electronics, and previously was the founder of a web development firm. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and MS in Manufacturing Engineering from UCLA.