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Construction Project Process Management

Posted by Romeo Elias


On behalf of Matthew Steffen

Interneer has recently added new pages to its website highlighting industry-specific configurations. These new pages, found at interneer industries, promote configurations that have long been available, but until know have not been explicitly represented on the website. These new pages present configurations for the healthcare, non-profit and international development and construction industries. The most recent addition is the construction industry targeted page.

Interneer Intellect, tailored specifically for the construction industry, is currently in use by such organizations as Construction Eco Services, PEER Consultants, Yapi-Tek, FCI Management Consultants and the Government of Grenada through a World Bank project. Interneer is excited to expand its presence in this important industry.

Interneer Intellect provides a comprehensive Construction Project and Process Management configuration. This system aids in making even the most complex construction projects a reality. The flexibility offered through a user-controlled work environment makes Intellect stand out against the competition. To view the Construction Project and Process Management product brochure (PDF).
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