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Business Users Against Programming

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Business Users Against Programming

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016
We started Interneer not because we were developers who loved to write cool code. We came from traditional engineering backgrounds (mechanical, aerospace, manufacturing). Sure we studied Fortran, Pascal and C in college, however we never had to write a line of code in our previous jobs. We were business users, creating presentations in Powerpoint, analyzing data in Excel and writing reports in Word. Yes, some of us designed in CAD, but that was the equivalent to an accountant using Quickbooks.

We created Intellect because we were fed up with the tools we were using. We wanted to be able to collaborate and share our processes and knowledge easily and reliably. We loved Excel because we had full control over it and could use it to track anything, but hated it the moment we tried to collaborate and share it. We felt trapped with applications that forced us to follow their flows and use cases. We wanted software applications to fit our needs and processes and not force us to change how we do things to fit their constraints. We wanted to control our applications but did not want to become developers in the process.

Intellect represents a culmination of years of hard work developing a solution to address these frustrations and achieve these aspirations. With Intellect, we have achieved in hours and days, what some companies take months or years to achieve. We have developed automated processes for most of our organizational centers: Sales, Project Management, R&D, Operations, Marketing, HR. Everyone in our company has built or automated a process using Intellect and without a line of code. Excel is hardly used anymore.

We believe we are on the forefront of a new era in software application development - on demand applications created by the business user. Business users will take on more of what software developers and IT used to do. The latter will specialize further and tackle sophisticated projects that require their expertise.

This phenomenon is already happening across industries like customer service (Online Support), hardware (Dell.com), real estate (HelpUSell.com), banking (online), marketing (Google adwords) and many others. Instant application development has followed suit with Interneer Intellect.