Intellect client testimonials

"Intellect has been a tremendous partner in this undertaking, continuously driving forward the power and capabilities of its platform and showing a genuine interest in our application and its development."
Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
"Intellect's configuration tools allowed us to deploy a web-based solution which was tailored to meet the variation in requirements across our business units. So far, it has more than met our expectations, especially in the ease with which the users have been able to learn the new system - our training time was considerably shorter than we had anticipated. I attribute this largely to the ease of navigation that Intellect can provide to the end user."
Director of Enterprise Systems, Circle K
"The solution has exceeded our integration goals. Without a doubt, any public sector regulatory/permitting agency could benefit from this product."
Development Assistance Manager, County of Humboldt
"Intellect is one of the most reliable enterprise systems that we have deployed."
Engineering Manager, Bose Corporation
"Intellect is the most flexible system we've seen for defining and enforcing our group's product development processes."
Director of Engineering, Harman International

"The biggest value I see with the Intellect BPM Suite is the following: The ability to rapidly develop and deploy an entire suite of applications and become operational within weeks or a few months, even for complex back-office operations. The option to deploy a SaaS based system without the need to invest in IT infrastructure, is a big plus. Eliminates the requirements for special web/java/.Net/Sql programming skills, which can be very costly initially and over time. So, your TCO (total cost of ownership) is much reduced. Very powerful ability to provide a quick proof of concept within days or weeks. The low-entry cost for businesses who cannot afford major capital investments. The intuitiveness of the platform and applications developed on it give customers the ability to be operational very quickly and with minimal training required."
CTO & Co-Founder, NutraHealthFood
"What I like most about the Intellect BPM Suite is the ease of building and implementing workflow. This is the key differentiator. I also like the "behind-the-scenes" database that is used to maintain the information as you create the templates. There are many tools out there to quickly build web forms, but to have it automatically integrate with a database to store the data entered on the web form is a key differentiator."
Sr. Consultant, Synaptitude Consulting
describe the image “The system has been a game-changer in my view and support is strong for its expanded use here”
Tony Hursey, MPH, Georgetown University