• Easy to Build

    Easy to Build

    You can create smart mobile apps without having to learn any new programming languages, acquire any additional technical skills, or get any new licenses.

  • Built for Mobile

    Built for Mobile

    Our software is 100% optimized to run on mobile devices. It's streamlined, simple, and gives you whatever precise functionality you need for the situation at hand.

  • Instantaneous Updates

    Instantaneous Updates

    When you input or change data remotely, it immediately synchs up with the central system. And whatever apps you develop back at the office instantly appear on every mobile device out in the field.

Our Achievements

Our Customers

Intellect delivers quality assurance to clients that rely on the ability, strength, fast and easy to use Intellect Business Process Management solution across a variety of industries.

Success Stories

  • Interneer's configuration tools allowed us to deploy a web-based solution which was tailored to meet the variation in requirements across our business units. So far, it has more than met our expectations, especially in the ease with which the users have been able to learn the new system - our training time was considerably shorter than we had anticipated. I attribute this largely to the ease of navigation that Intellect can provide to the end user.

    Director of Enterprise Systems, Circle K

  • The solution has exceeded our integration goals. Without a doubt, any public sector regulatory/permitting agency could benefit from this product.

    Development Assistance Manager, County of Humboldt

  • Interneer has been a tremendous partner in this undertaking, continuously driving forward the power and capabilities of its platform and showing a genuine interest in our application and its development.

    Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Latest Updates

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Your business is changing every day, adapting to new challenges and opportunities. The new Intellect 8 BPM Platform enables you to build Smart Business Apps that easily adapt to your needs, and connect apps, people, and processes.

  • INFO-TECH BPM Report

    INFO-TECH BPM Report

    Read this complimentary report to understand why Intellect was selected as a "Leader" and "Best Overall Value" in the BPM Industry.

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  • Intellect Mobile Apps

    Intellect Mobile Apps

    Deploy native iOS and Android apps for your business in minutes with the new Intellect 8 platform and Intellect Mobile App solution.

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  • Empower Business Execs

    Empower Business Execs

    Learn how Smart Mobile Apps Empower Business Executives on the Go at Host Hotels, a Fortune 500 Company

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A Few Words from Us

Intellect, formerly known as Interneer, is a leader in SaaS BPM software that helps to empower everyone to innovate with Smart Business Apps. Intellect's new Intellect 8 BPM platform offers the industry's most advanced capabilities for connecting apps, people and processes.

Intellect's award winning Intellect 8 BPM platform enables non-programmers to develop and manage a wide variety of business apps with built-in forms, data, workflow, and highly customizable reporting – all with the ability to integrate with legacy enterprise applications. Intellect offers a user friendly drag-and-drop interface that requires no programming or software coding, enabling organizations to

quickly improve business automation, operational productivity, employee efficiency, compliance, customer engagement and self-service.

Intellect business apps can be deployed as a native mobile app in minutes on any iOS and Android device. Native mobile apps are critical for organizations that require secure, enterprise-grade mobile apps that function even when internet connectivity is lost.

Hundreds of customers rely on Intellect to automate business processes, optimize operations, and enhance revenue generation.